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Surge HG: Improving Your Operation One Plant at a Time

It’s time to take your herd’s production to the next level, and with Surge HG, you can.

Surge HG features Hi-Gest™ Alfalfa Technology, specifically designed for dairy and hay producers looking to achieve new levels of productivity, whether that be in their herd or in their hay. This high protein, low fibre alfalfa is suited for growers across Western Canada, offering improved forage quality with strong agronomic performance.

Hi-Gest Alfalfa Technology is a new class of alfalfa focused on improving the rate and extent of fibre digestibility to maximize animal performance.

Surge HG has finer stems and a leafy, dense canopy with a high concentration of leaves in the lower part of the canopy. These plant traits help improve fibre digestibility and crude protein content, giving you a 5 to 10% increase in both the rate and extent of fibre digestion.

The improved digestibility of Surge HG increases its rate of passage, which, in turn, increases feed intake. This can produce an additional 2.5 lb — or more of milk per cow per day.

Surge HG is 3 to 5% higher in protein than conventional alfalfa, giving you an additional 12 to 20 lb of protein per tonne, lowering your requirements for additional protein supplements in rations.

The variety not only offers top performance in the ration, but before it in the field too.

“Enhanced feed quality is great,” said BrettYoung Forage & Turf Product Manager. “But it won’t help your operation if it doesn’t also perform in the field.”

Surge HG delivers high yields and consistent performance with excellent disease resistance and good winterhardiness.

In head-to-head trials with commercial checks in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, Surge HG came out on top with the highest yield. It also scored higher in crude protein, relative forage quality, and milk production per acre.

Surge HG gives also give growers harvest flexibility by maintaining its feed quality through a wider harvest window.

“Growers can manage their cutting schedules aggressively to maximize feed quality or use a more relaxed schedule to achieve higher yields, while maintaining a quality advantage over conventional alfalfa,” said Thiessen.

For more information on Surge HG, talk to your local Brettyoung Regional Account Manager (RAM). 

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