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We Know Forages

Forages are the foundation of BrettYoung. It was our primary business for many decades and is still at the core of who we are today. As one of the oldest forage seed companies in Canada, we’ve cultivated relationships with industry-leading breeders from whom we access elite genetics and in-demand characteristics that will give your farm a distinct performance.

Through teamwork and production expertise, our Seed Production Specialists partner with skilled Western Canadian growers to maximize yield and quality. Western Canada is known for its pure and carefully protected production, so you can feel confident in the varietal integrity of our seed. Only the purest seed arrives at our accredited facilities for processing, testing, and quality assurance.

It is not the easy way to produce forage seed – the easy way would have fewer quality checks and would leave the work to outside contractors. But that’s not how you put peace of mind in a bag.

When you’re dedicated to running a high-quality dairy or beef operation, you need to know the people behind your forage seed are just as dedicated as you are.


Excellent forage yield potential, outstanding quality, multiple disease and pest resistances, and a mixture of rooting habits and special characteristics make BrettYoung alfalfa the best option for your farm.


Legumes can be profitable, productive, and persistent while offering you non-bloat certainty that provides you a peace of mind for your cattle’s safety.

BrettYoung’s lineup of non-bloat legumes includes Leo Birdsfoot Trefoil, Sainfoin, and AC Oxley II Cicer Milkvetch.


BrettYoung’s full lineup of forage grasses gives you the opportunity to give your stand the boost it needs. Whatever you’re seeking, whether it be high yield or disease resistance, we have the seed you need.

Annual Forages

Annual forages give you quick establishment, soil improvement, and a high biomass yield in just one growing season. BrettYoung annual forages can be used in various ways across Western Canada, including hay, grazing, winter stockpiling, companion crops, and cover crops.

Securus Seed Enhancement

Securus™ is a proprietary seed enhancement used to improve the appearance, handling, and agronomics of BrettYoung’s best seed varieties. Securus seed coatings deliver market-leading durability and improved seed flow with less dust-off.  It’s also bacteria friendly and pH neutral, ensuring optimum on-seed survival of rhizobia inoculants.

BY 6217TFForages106%ForagesBlackleg: R-CE2 Major Gene ID: Rlm 3, Rlm 7 Clubroot: R (next-generation* resistance)Forages+1.5 days
BY 6214TFForages103%ForagesBlackleg: R – AG Major Gene ID: RlmS, LepR3 Clubroot: R (next-generation* resistance) +0.3 days
BY 6211TFForages101%ForagesBlackleg: R – AG Major Gene ID: Rlm 3, RlmSForages+0.9 days
BY 6207TFForages104%ForagesClubroot: R (next-generation* resistance) +1.7 days
BY 6204TFForages102%ForagesBlackleg: R – CE1 Major Gene ID: Rlm 3, Rlm 4 Clubroot: 1st generation +0.1 days
BY 7102LLForages101%ForagesBlackleg: R – CF Major Gene ID: Rlm 3, Rlm 9 Clubroot: R (next – generation resistance) +1.9 days
6074 RRForages101%Sclerotinia DefedR LogoBlackleg: R – C Major Gene ID: Rlm 3  +1.7 days
BY 5125CL
Forages106% Blackleg: R-C Major Gene ID: Rlm 3 Clubroot: R (1st generation* resistance) +0.4 days