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Distinct By Design: Osmo Protector Technology

An essential part of what makes BrettYoung Distinct by Design is our strategic partnerships with innovation leaders from within and outside Canada. One of our global partners is Rizobacter, a biologicals company that provides agronomic solutions for growers in more than 40 countries.

Ignacio Crippa is a key member of the Rizobacter team and someone BrettYoung depends on to help deliver reliable biological inoculants to our customers — products like Osmium Pea/Lentil and Osmium Chickpea, two liquid inoculants that provide Western Canadian pea, lentil, faba bean, and chickpea growers with crops that perform better in challenging conditions while producing higher yield potential.

Our Osmium Pea/Lentil and Osmium Chickpea inoculants are powered by Osmo Protector Technology, a biological breakthrough developed by Rizobacter. This technology is part of what makes these inoculants so effective for growers. Ignacio Crippa, the international Technical Service Leader at Rizobacter, is here to explain why.

Osmo Protector Technology #

Osmo Protector Technology produces tougher rhizobial bacteria that survive longer on-seed and are better able to withstand common conditions on the Prairies, like high temperatures and low water availability. They are also better equipped to handle chemical stresses from seed treatments.

“Knowing that bacteria are soil organisms, and the environment is not always friendly, we have come up with a way to help them survive and assure the farmer that the bacteria will be there on the seed, ready to work when germination occurs,” says Crippa. “With Osmo Protector Technology, you obtain a bacterium that is stronger than any other in the market.”

Undaunted by Drought #

The tougher bacteria you’ll find in Osmium Pea/Lentil and Osmium Chickpea are produced through a longer, stress-inducing manufacturing process that strengthens their cell walls. It also produces bacteria that are better able to maintain cell water — a good quality to have in drought conditions.

Crippa points out that due to shorter growing seasons in Western Canada, growers often have to seed into drier soils.

“Products with Osmo Protector Technology ensure that the crop is going to be nodulated,” he says.

Easy to Use #

Crippa says there are several other things that make Osmium Pea/Lentil and Osmium Chickpea easy-to-use and well-suited to the Canadian Prairies.

For one, the inoculants are compatible with almost all seed treatment chemicals on the market, which means one less thing for growers to worry about at planting time.

And because they last up to 15 days on-seed without an extender, Osmium Pea/Lentil and Osmium Chickpea provide growers with more flexibility with their planting windows compared to other seed-applied liquid and peat biologicals that may only have a few hours of on-seed life. As a result, there is no need to re-treat the seed if there is a planting delay.

Better Yields #

Crippa notes that Rizobacter trials in Western Canada show that the effectiveness of Osmium Pea/Lentil and Osmium Chickpea is not compromised by the number of days on-seed.

He adds that the trials, which were conducted in 2019, 2020, and 2021, also point to a yield advantage for the BrettYoung inoculants.

“We obtained an increase in yield of 2.0% against the competitive check product,” Crippa says, adding that because 2021 was a drought year, the trials proved Osmium Pea/Lentil respond well under stressful conditions.

Value of Global Partnerships #

Crippa is the Technical Service Leader for Rizobacter’s International Sector, which means he provides technical support for the company’s biological technologies here in Canada and in other international markets. He also oversees all the Rizobacter trials that are staged around the world each year.

In Crippa’s mind, the value of global partnerships like the one shared by BrettYoung and Rizobacter can’t be overstated.

“Like Mother Teresa said: I can do things that you cannot, you can do things that I cannot; together we can do great things… so, together we are stronger,” he says.

Tuned in to Growers’ Needs #

Crippa notes that Rizobacter had good reason to partner with BrettYoung.

“BrettYoung understands the North American market and they’re very well known in Canada and the United States. Plus, they have a great team, and they are really tuned in to farmers’ needs,” he says.

“That’s something very important to Rizobacter and BrettYoung, knowing what farmers need and trying to provide solutions.”

To see if Osmium Pea/Lentil or Osmium Chickpea is right for your farm, contact your local BrettYoung Regional Account Manager.

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