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Forage Seed Market

November 2023 #

As winter descends upon us, it’s time to start thinking about your forage seeding plans for 2024. Here’s what’s happening in the forage seed market.   

Alfalfa #

The alfalfa harvest in Western Canada was mixed this year with the overall harvest coming in close to average. The demand for certified alfalfa for export is strong, keeping prices stable near the historical highs from last season.

Timothy #

Production of timothy seed in Western Canada was down this year due but to drought but supplies are adequate, and prices are holding steady thanks to carryover from the 2022 season.

Forage Grasses #

The drought didn’t have as much of an effect on forage grass supplies of bromegrass, orchardgrass, ryegrass, fescue, and wheatgrass. Supply of each is good, and prices remain steady.

Clover #

Supplies of most clover species remain tight, and prices have increased on many species. 

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