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Introducing BrettYoung Corn

BrettYoung is adding to their portfolio with a new silage and grazing corn line specifically designed for the needs of Western Canadian cattle grower.  Corn is an important forage crop and as a leading forage supplier we are proud to be able to offer hybrids specially selected for silage and grazing. BrettYoung corn will provide growers leading hybrids with broad adaptability and reliable performance, backed by the BrettYoung service and support growers know and trust.

BrettYoung has been apart of Western Canadian cattle farms for generations and understands the unique challenges they face. We kept those unique needs in mind in the development of BrettYoung’s corn lineup. 

BY Brava RR2 is Brett Young’s first new hybrid available for planting this coming spring. BY Brava RR2 is a high yielding, broadly adapted Roundup Ready® hybrid, specifically selected for its early maturity and great silage and grazing characteristics. This including a flint/dent kernel type which dries down slower to provides a wider harvest window for silage, and very good root and stalk strength for excellent standability in grazing applications.    

For more information on BrettYoung corn talk to your local BrettYoung retail or your BrettYoung Regional Account Manager

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