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Three New Soybean Varieties for 2024

A variety to suit your growing region #

We’ve added three new soybean varieties to our portfolio for 2024, each a win for bean growers. So, let’s get into the facts — what makes these varieties so good?

BY Robson XT

BY Robson XT is a great early- to mid-season Roundup Ready® XTend variety with a rating of 00.6 RM or 2450 CHU. BY Robson XT is a compact plant with excellent standability and big yields. This variety is an especially great fit in the Red River Valley.

BY Hector XT

BY Hector XT is a new Roundup Ready XTend® variety with excellent defense characteristics and strong yield potential. It features good iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) tolerance and very good phytophthora root rot (PRR) resistance. BY Hector XT is an early maturing variety with a rating of 00.1 RM or 2300 CHU.

BY Deno XT

BY Deno XT has an outstanding combination of disease resistance and yield. It offers growers an excellent defensive package with very good PRR, white mould, IDC, and SCN resistance. BY Deno XT is a Roundup Ready XTend variety, meaning it and the previous two varieties have a top-of-the-line herbicide system to control those tough to manage broadleaf weeds. It’s a medium height variety with a maturity rating of 00.3 RM or 2375 CHU.

“It’s exciting to be committed to serving our farming community with a growing soybean portfolio,” said Vikas Chand, Soybean, Corn, & Biologicals Product Manager for BrettYoung. “These new varieties have great yield potential and are suited to the growing conditions of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.”

Trial Recap #

The three new soybean varieties were trialed in Manitoba and Saskatchewan through BrettYoung Comparison Trials (BCTs), provincial soybean variety evaluation trials, and retailer trials. Soybeans thrived early this season with the additional heat units, but most areas didn’t receive enough precipitation later on to push yields.

“We saw soybeans across Manitoba really bush out and get some height to them, but minimal rain through July and August resulted in not great pod fill,” said Justine Cornelsen, Agronomic and Regulatory Services Manger for BrettYoung. “That being said, we did have some trials range above 50 bu/ac.”

A BrettYoung retailer trial near Altona, MB saw BY Robson XT hit 62 bu/ac, with BY Deno XT following closely behind at 58.4 bu/ac.

The soybean BCT near Justice, MB was a great opportunity to assess the BrettYoung soybean portfolio. This trial was seeded on May 23 and harvested September 30. Early maturing products were ready in early September, but rain showers delayed harvest.

VarietyMaturityYield (bu/ac)% of Trial Mean% of Check
BY Deno XT00.346.1114%113%
BY Robson XT00.643.6108%107%
Sunna R2X00.342.2104%103%
BY Rainier XT00.540.9101%100%
CHECK Variety00.340.9101%100%
BY Hector XT00.138.595%94%
BY Rundle XT000.530.976%76%

From over 15 trial locations this season, BY Deno XT is averaging 44.3 bu/ac, BY Hector XT is averaging nearly 40 bu/ac from seven trials and BY Robson XT is averaging 46.7 bu/ac from eight trial locations. Data continues to come in as soybean trials continue to come off.

“We’re excited to see how our results compare to provincial variety trials and production averages from the season,” said Cornelsen. 

All three new soybean varieties will be available for the 2024 growing season. Contact your local BrettYoung Regional Account Manager (RAM) to check out their offerings.

To find up-to-date information on variety performance, go to

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