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Securus™ Seed Coating Spotlight

With Chris Rogers #

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to developing an effective seed coating on forages and turf is finding the right combination of durability and solubility.

That’s one of the reasons why BrettYoung’s Securus™ proprietary seed coating technology has been receiving rave reviews since it was introduced to the market a few years ago. Not only is the polymer-based coating extremely durable, but it also dissolves quickly when it comes in contact with moisture.

The Perfect Mix of Durable and Soluble #

“The biggest value of Securus in my opinion is its ability to hold all of the different types of materials such as inoculant, fungicide and other growth promoters that we apply to seed. There are valuable inputs applied to seed, and we want to keep them there, and not dust-off and end up in the bottom of the bag,” says Chris Rogers, Manager of BrettYoung’s seed coating and packaging facility near Winnipeg.

“But with that, you also need something that dissolves easily in moisture. The challenge is making a durable coating that does not delay germination because it takes too long for water to soak through the polymer layer. That’s where we have found great success with Securus. When exposed to damp soil it dissolves quickly.”

High-quality Materials, High-quality Performance #

After existing coating polymers left them dissatisfied, the BrettYoung Coating team began testing several in-house polymer formulations, resulting in the development of Securus.

Securus uses finely ground talc that is stable and odorless as a carrier, even though talc is more expensive than other materials that could have been used. Rogers says that it’s worth the extra cost because it adheres to seed better and there is less dusting off. It also provides excellent flowability for more accurate seed placement, and brighter colouring for better seed visibility in the soil.

Fast-track Your Forages #

Securus is used on many of BrettYoung’s forage products including its top alfalfa and bromegrass varieties. Rogers says it provides several agronomic benefits including improved flowability and accurate seed placement, precise layering of inoculant and fungicide, and a seed environment that is more conducive to improved germination and seedling survival.

BrettYoung conducted extensive testing of Securus with similar competitors’ products before introducing it. Rogers says that Securus scored higher than the competition in durability, appearance and dust-off in every head-to-head test.

“With our testing, we found the Securus polymer showed market-leading performance,” he adds. “And the feedback we have received on the Securus coatings has been fantastic.”

Manitoba Made #

The Securus polymer is produced at BrettYoung’s state-of-the-art, computer-automated seed treatment facility. Built in 2014, it was designed to exceed Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association guidelines for safe handling of crop protection products. The coating is applied using a roto-guard style mixing unit together with a peristaltic pump that is precise with liquid applications.

Although output at the 60,000 square foot facility can vary from year to year, it processes millions pounds of coated and treated seeds annually. Rogers acknowledges the seed coating plant has been firing on all cylinders lately. Last year’s drought conditions on the Prairies have further increased the demand for coating services as seed companies were forced to deal with supply shortages and high prices that can be managed by seed coating.

To learn more about the benefits of Securus, contact your BrettYoung Regional Account Manager.

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