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The New Winners in Alfalfa

Forages are the foundation of BrettYoung. We partner with elite genetics providers and Western Canadian seed growers to offer alfalfa varieties of only the highest quality and purity.  This year, we’ve added two alfalfa products to our repertoire that we know produce the results growers are looking for.

The first of our new products is Barricade II Alfalfa, perfect for fields with salinity challenges. Barricade II is built for tough conditions. You know the original Barricade SLT, which was bred to handle the toughest ground, and you’ve maximized your economic return per acre with it. But at BrettYoung, we never settle.

We’ve built on the strengths of Barricade SLT and created the new and improved next-generation salt product: Barricade II. This product is the newest generation of salt tolerant alfalfa, selected for improved germination tolerance and forage production under salinity stress. Barricade II equips alfalfa producers with the arsenal to combat salinity-related production losses and an opportunity to improve profits and manage your saline soils.

“Barricade II takes salt tolerant alfalfa to the next level with improved germination and production under salinity stress more than Barricade SLT,” said BrettYoung Senior Forage and Turf Product Manager Thomas Thiessen. “It’s next level.”

Even in the most stressful of saline conditions, Barricade II continues to perform, featuring:

  • high tonnage
  • a perfect disease package
  • persistence against traffic and grazing
  • great winter hardiness

Barricade II can be found in our following stock blends:

  • #3 – Saline Hay
  • #24 – All-Purpose Saline

Our other new product is Ace Alfalfa, which gives you the opportunity to play your best hand. Ace combines the best of both worlds with exceptional yields and excellent forage quality. Its premium quality profile is designed to meet the needs of dairy farmers by delivering you more milk per acre and to meet the needs of commercial hay producers who demand only the highest quality.

Ace’s outstanding winterhardiness and disease resistance package contribute to a long, productive stand life of the plant. It also has genetic resistance to a wide range of diseases and pests including Aphanomyces Race 1, Race 2, and stem nematodes, only enhancing its endurance that much more.

“Ace Alfalfa delivers great yields and excellent forage quality to maximize your per acre milk production,” said Thiessen. “It’s perfect for the dairy farmers out there.”

This product responds well to an aggressive cutting schedule. It regrows rapidly, delivering multiple cuts per season, making it a winner every time.

Both products are also in Blend 4440, a mixture of premium, certified alfalfas that combine the strengths of all our best varieties. Ace, Barricade II, Dynamo, Foothold, Reload, and Stronghold come together in Blend 4440 to give growers a high yield, superior winterhardiness, disease resistance, salt and traffic tolerance, multifoliate expression, and rooting habits like branch and creeping characteristics. This combination of characteristics makes Blend 4440 suitable for a wide range of growing conditions.

“BrettYoung is your full-service forage seed provider with the products, service and knowledge to help you maximize your forage stand,” said Thiessen.

Contact your local BrettYoung Regional Account Manager to learn more about BrettYoung forage solutions for you farm. 

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