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Conserve Water Without Sacrificing Turf Quality

We recognize that water conservation is a primary concern for our customers. As the only Canadian Class-A Member of TWCA, we bring to market turfgrass varieties that have been rigorously tested to meet the most stringent criteria of water usage and conservation methods.

The main goal of TWCA is to combat the rising concern of depleting water resources. The Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance qualifies grasses that demonstrate a statistically significant water saving potential over conventional varieties of the same species.

Look for the Seal

TWCA products are the only independently qualified turfgrasses to save water without sacrificing the quality turfgrass performance required by professionals.

We are a leader in bringing world-class genetics to market and ensuring we are meeting our customers’ evolving needs. We’re confident that partnering with TWCA will allow us to continue to be at the forefront of technology developments in plant breeding. This partnership will ensure our products are delivering the utmost in water conservation benefits.

To learn more about TWCA, contact your local BrettYoung Rep or visit their website, click here.