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Annual Forages

Flexible Forage Production

Annual forages provide quick establishment, soil improvement properties and high biomass yield over the course of one growing season. Annual production increases flexibility due to the short-term nature of the stand and can provide a compliment to perennial forages to extend the quality and duration of forage availability. Annuals have been used in various applications in Western Canada including hay, grazing, winter stockpiling, companion crops and cover crops.

  • Triazine tolerant
  • High Yields
  • Very good for swath grazing
  • Prefers warm growing conditions
Grazing/Cover Crop
  • In season and late season grazing
  • Soil improvement
  • In season and late season grazing
  • Prefers cool growing conditions
Pea/Oat Forage Mixture
  • Superior forage yield
  • Excellent forage quality
Pea/Triticale Forage Mixture
  • Superior forage yield
  • Excellent forage quality

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BrettYoung stock blends are carefully crafted to provide a high level of productivity over a wide range of environments and uses in Western Canada. Our stock blend selector will help you select the right blend for your soil, environment, and management system. Find your perfect stock blend:

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