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Breakthroughs In Inoculants

New inoculants can be cutting-edge technology that deliver enhanced nodulation and plant growth. Part of what makes BrettYoung Distinct by Design is our strategic partnerships with global innovators who create products just like that. One of our partners is Rizobacter, a leader in agricultural inoculant research and development in more than 40 countries.

Inoculants are living bacteria that are applied to the soil or the seed and work with the plant to fix nitrogen (N) from the atmosphere. Rizobacter inoculants from BrettYoung feature biological breakthroughs that make our inoculants more effective for growers.

Osmo Protector Technology #

Osmo Protector Technology strengthens the cell walls of rhizobial bacteria through a longer, stress-inducing fermentation process. This ultimately results in tougher, high-performance bacteria with industry leading on-seed survival. They are also better equipped to withstand Prairie conditions like hot, dry soils and survive exposure to chemical seed treatments, meaning excellent compatibility with many seed-applied fungicides and insecticides.

“Bacteria are soil organisms, but the environment is not always friendly. Rizobacter has come up with a way to help them survive and assure growers that the bacteria will be there on the seed, ready to work when germination occurs,” said Thomas Thiessen, BrettYoung’s Senior Product Manager for Ag Biologicals. “With Osmo Protector Technology, you get bacteria that’s stronger than any others on the market.”

Thiessen pointed out the shorter growing seasons in Western Canada often have growers seeding into less-than-ideal conditions like drier soils. The manufacturing process the Rizobacter bacteria go through allows them to better maintain water, making seeding conditions less of a concern for our inoculant users.

“Using products with Osmo Protector Technology ensure that your crop is going to be well nodulated,” said Thiessen.

Because these rhizobial bacteria last up to 15 days on-seed without an extender, the inoculants give growers more flexibility with their planting windows compared to other seed-applied liquid and peat inoculants. There’s no need to re-treat the seed if there’s a planting delay.

“Along with the various advantages Osmo Protector Technology offers growers, trials from the last four years have shown it also offers a yield advantage. And because 2021 was a very dry year, the impressive performance of the inoculants proved they can withstand drought.”, adds Thiessen.

Osmo Protector Technology is found in Osmium® Pea/Lentil, Osmium® Chickpea, and Signum® Soybean inoculants from BrettYoung. 

Bio-Inducer Technology #

In addition to Osmo Protector Technology, Rizobacter’s soybean inoculants come with another formulation breakthrough called Bio-Inducer Technology.  This accelerates nodulation and does so by introducing rhizobia to plant-based signaling compounds during the manufacturing process, which in turn stimulates earlier production of certain nodulation determinants. That speeds up the nodulation process in the soil, and improves nodulation on the plant’s crown and primary roots, where nodules are the most effective. In the end, this maximizes nitrogen fixation and yield potential, delivering consistent performance under all conditions.

Bio-Inducer Technology is found in Signum Soybean Inoculants from BrettYoung. Find the complete list of our inoculant products here.

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