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Building On Our Forage Foundation

At BrettYoung, forages and corn go hand in hand. Forages are at the core of what we have been doing for decades now – and they still are – but now, they come with a broadened offer: silage and grazing corn.

“We’re looking at feed rations for your herd as an entirety,” said Mark Hagen, BrettYoung Sales Manager for Alberta. “We’re selecting corn hybrids based on the traits that are desired when it comes to making a feed rather than grain.”

That means we’re only offering you the best. We’re looking at how long the plant stays green for, making sure it has a slower dry down for silage, if it’s suitable for grazing, the overall plant structure, and more.

Hagen said our corn hybrids have performed “exceptionally well” in the trials they’ve been in in Western Canada, proving their performance.

Corn is a great complement to our leading forage lineup. Whatever your forage needs, be it alfalfa, corn, grasses, legumes, or a blend, we have something for every grower.

“We have a phenomenal alfalfa lineup that covers everything a grower could need or want,” said Hagen. “And we’re constantly re-evaluating our stock blends to make sure those offerings are being utilized and are properly tailored to where they’re at. If they need to be adjusted, we’re making those adjustments.”

BrettYoung has 17 stock blend options, seven of which are SUPER blends. Our SUPER blends are our proven performers with outstanding quality and persistence to handle any conditions thrown at them. Our stock blends have been carefully crafted so there’s one to suit the needs of almost every situation. We have hay blends, pasture blends, and dual-purpose blends for you to choose from – but if you don’t find one that suits your fancy, our Regional Account Managers (RAMs) will work with you to create your perfect custom blend.

“One product that sets us apart is Blend 4440,” said Hagen. “It’s a blend using our top certified alfalfa varieties.”

Blend 4440 is always improving.  As new alfalfa varieties are developed, we add them to Blend 4440 to ensure it offers growers the best alfalfa genetics on the market, with a range of rooting habits – creeping root, taproot, branch root, and more, making it widely adapted to the many growing conditions in Western Canada.

Blend 4440 also has high yield potential, excellent winterhardiness, and disease resistance like no other. For 2024, it’s comprised of Foothold, a low dormancy alfalfa with exceptional winterhardiness and improved disease resistance, Stronghold, a low-to-mid dormancy alfalfa that delivers excellent winter survival, good quality, and persistence, Reload, an alfalfa with a root system that’s up to 80% branched for optimum performance in poorly drained soils, Ace, an alfalfa with exceptional yield and quality, Dynamo, a high multifoliate expression alfalfa resulting in higher, softer-leaved feed value, and Barricade II, a salt-tolerant taproot alfalfa with an outstanding disease package and high yields.

We know deciding to grow BrettYoung forages and corn is only one piece of the agronomic puzzle. When planting a new forage stand, the hardest part is establishment – the part that is often out of your hands. Luckily, we’ve got an answer for you there too.

When you grow an eligible BrettYoung forage, you can enroll in our Forage Establishment Guarantee. In the unfortunate event of an establishment failure, you don’t have to panic. If you sign up before April 1 and follow our forage seeding guidelines, we’ll cover up to 100% of your replacement seed cost. If you sign up before April 30, we’ll cover up to 50% of it.

“The Establishment Guarantee rewards you for ordering early and because there’s good availability you can get the products you want,” said Hagen. “Also, knowing you’re covered if the conditions change on you is a good piece of mind.”

We don’t sit back when it comes to forages – at BrettYoung, we’re constantly adapting to you and your needs. To learn more about our complete forage portfolio, download our Forage Product Guide.

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