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About Us

Canada’s Largest Independent Seed Company

BrettYoung is a privately-owned agribusiness with headquarters in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Proud of our 80+ year history in agriculture, we employ over 250 people in four processing and distribution facilities in Canada. In various sales territories across North America, we serve customers in three distinct markets:

  • Agricultural Seed and Crop Inputs – we provide crop input solutions to Canadian and US farmers including canola, forages and corn, soybeans, and ag biologicals.
  • Wholesale Forage and Turf – we partner with growers to produce forage and turf seed for domestic and export markets, serving 40 countries around the world.
  • Professional Turf and Reclamation – we provide a wide range of products and services, including fertilizer, to the professional turf and reclamation industry in Western Canada and Ontario.


BrettYoung Accreditation

Seeds Canada delivers accreditation and monitoring programs for the Canadian seed industry. Recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Seeds Canada has been given the mandate to be the single point of contact for all seed establishments, seed laboratories, operators, and graders seeking registration, licensing, or accreditation. BrettYoung has the following accreditations with Seeds Canada and the CFIA.

BrettYoung Accreditations
LocationAccreditationScope of Accreditation
BrettYoung – Rycroft, AB1357Approved Conditioner, Bulk Storage Facility
BrettYoung – Rycroft, AB1357AEAuthorized Exporter Program
BrettYoung – Winnipeg, MB0846-178Approved Conditioner, Bulk Storage Facility, Authorized Importer
BrettYoung – Winnipeg, MB (Lab)1063-LABPurity, Germination Crop Kinds in Grade Table I – XX
BrettYoung – Winnipeg, MB0846AEAuthorized Exporter Program
BrettYoung – Winnipeg, MBCGSP-120Canadian Grain Sampling Program
BrettYoung – Calmar, AB1394-137Approved Conditioner, Authorized Importer

BrettYoung Industry Memberships

BrettYoung stays involved in the industries we serve. We have memberships with the following organizations:

BrettYoung Industry Memberships