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Summergraze Timothy

Maximize Season Long Production


Summergraze was selected for intermediate maturity, yield over the growing season, winter survival and ground cover.. It combines good spring vigour, a very leafy plant, and medium maturity that blends well with either grasses and legumes. Summergraze has been evaluated across North America and is ideal for hay or pasture production.


  • Medium maturity
  • Good spring vigour and high yield
  • Very leafy plant
  • Excellent winterhardiness

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UseHay & Pasture
Root HabitBunchgrass
Plant TypeBasal
Preferred Growing ConditionsAdapted to cool, moist areas; good tolerance to waterlogged soils
Production PeriodSpring – Summer
  • Not saline or drought tolerant
  • Not tolerant to continuous grazing


Environmental Tolerances
WinterhardinessGood to Excellent
Drought ToleranceLow
Flooding ToleranceHigh
Optimum PH5.6 – 7.3
Acidity ToleranceHigh
Alkalinity ToleranceLow
Salinity ToleranceLow


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