Blend 4440

The Premier Certified Alfalfa Blend in the Canadian Prairies

Blend 4440 is a mixture of premium, certified alfalfas specifically developed to combine the strengths of our best varieties: high yields, superior winterhardiness, disease resistance, multi-foliate expression, and unique rooting habits such as branch root, sunken crown and creeping root characteristics. The unique strengths of this blend offer suitability to a wide range of growing conditions.

Demand the best, insist on BLEND 4440 ALFALFA

Variety Blend 4440
Use Hay
Root Habit Mixed
Plant Type Upright
Preferred Growing Conditions Widely Adapted
Production Period Spring – Fall
Key Features
  • Blend of certified varieties
  • Widely adapted
  • High yield potential
  • Excellent winterhardiness
  • Disease resistance
  • Bloat hazard
  • Needs good drainage
Approx. Seeds/lb 225,000


Environmental Tolerances
Winter Hardiness Very Good
Drought Tolerance Good
Flooding Tolerance Low
Optimus PH 6.0-7.8
Acidity Tolerance Low to Moderate
Alkalinity Tolerance Moderate to High
Salinity Tolerance Low to Moderate


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