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Rival Reed Canarygrass

  • Low alkaloid variety
  • Can be subjected to temporary flowing up to 8 weeks
  • Excellent winterhardiness


VarietyRival Reed Canarygrass
UseHay & Pasture
Root HabitSod Forming
Plant TypeElongating
Preferred Growing ConditionsGrows well on poorly drained soils prone to flooding
Production PeriodSpring – Summer
  • Not saline tolerant
Approx. Seeds/lb535,000
Seeding Rate lb/acre4-8


Environmental Tolerances
Drought ToleranceModerate
Flooding ToleranceExcellent
Optimum PH5.5 – 7.5
Acidity ToleranceModerate
Alkalinity ToleranceModerate
Salinity ToleranceLow
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