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Payload Tall Fescue

Hit the Jackpot with Payload


Payload is a medium maturity tall fescue, reaching head emergence approximately 2 days later than KY-31 that will maximize season long production. Its strong vigour, large crown size and aggressive regrowth have consistently produced more forage yield. As a forage yield leader, Payload is well adapted for hay production, while its palatability lends itself well to pasture.


  • Medium maturity
  • Strong vigour
  • Aggressive regrowth
  • Superior rust resistance
  • Big yield

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Variety Payload
UseHay & Pasture
Plant TypeBasal
Production PeriodSpring to Fall


Environmental Tolerances
WinterhardinessFair to Good
Drought ToleranceModerate
Flooding ToleranceModerate to High
Optimum PH5.5 – 6.5
Acidity ToleranceModerate
Alkalinity ToleranceModerate
Salinity ToleranceModerate to High
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