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Catapult Timothy

Explosive Spring Vigour & Summer Regrowth


Catapult is an aggressive growing, early-to-mid maturity timothy. A semi-erect growth habit, medium to dark green color, and taller plant height are characteristic of this variety. Bred for spring vigour and summer regrowth, Catapult comes out of the ground fast with rapid recovery after cutting. Its superior stand persistence lasts all-season and continues year after year. Ideal companion for legumes, other forage grasses, or as a pure stand.


  • Strong seedling vigour
  • Excellent summer regrowth
  • Stand persistence
  • Exceptional yield
  • Tall plant height

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VarietyCatapult Timothy
UseHay & Pasture
Root HabitBunch-grass
Plant TypeBasal
Preferred Growing ConditionsAdapted to cool, moist areas. Good tolerance to waterlogged soils
Production PeriodSpring – Summer
Key Features
  • Strong Seedling Vigor
  • Excellent Summer Regrowth
  • Stand Persistence
  • Exceptional Yield
  • Tall Plant Height
  • Not saline or drought tolerant
  • Not tolerant to continuous grazing
Approx. Seeds/lb1,200,000
Seeding Rate lb/acre3-6


Environmental Tolerances
Drought ToleranceLow
Flooding ToleranceHigh
Optimum PH5.6 – 7.3
Acidity ToleranceHigh
Alkalinity ToleranceLow
Salinity ToleranceLow


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