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BY Rainier XT

Great Performance for the Red River Valley

  • Very good yield potential
  • Tall plant height
  • Good IDC and PRR tolerance
RR2XTend (002)

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Maturity 2425 CHU 00.5 Relative Maturity
Pod Height Very Good
IDC Semi-Tolerant
PRR VG Field Resistance (Rps1c gene)
White Mould Very Good
Plant/Canopy Type Semi-bushy
Plant Height Tall
Row Spacing 7-22 inch
Standability Very Good
Seedling Vigour Excellent
Hilum Black
Pubescence Tawny
Flower Purple

RM: Relative maturity
PRR: Phytophthora root rot
IDC: Iron Deficiency Chlorosis
White mould: Sclerotinia or white mould
Excellent (E) > Very Good (VG) > Good (G) > Poor (P)
Tolerant > Semi Tolerant > Susceptible


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Soybean Maturity Ratings

When selecting a soybean variety there are a lot of different characteristics to look at but one of the most important is selecting a variety that is the right maturity for your farm

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