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Signum Soybean

Premium All-In-One On-Seed Soybean Inoculant

Signum Soybean is an effective and convenient inoculant equipped with both Osmo Protector and Bio-Inducer Technologies to promote quicker biological fixation of nitrogen, allowing soybean growers to maximize yields even in stressful growing conditions

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Product Information
Formulation Liquid Suspension
Guaranteed AnalysisBradyrhizobium japonicum
1 x 1010 CFU/ml
TechnologyBio-Inducer Technology
Osmo Protector Technology
Application Rate130 ml per 100 kg 2 fl.oz. per 100 lbs
On-Seed lifeUp To 120 Day
Package Size11.84 L (400 fl.oz.) – treats 400 units (20,000 lbs); 1.18 L (40 fl. oz.) – treats 40 units (2,000 lbs)







Faster Nodulation
Accelerates initial, early communication between rhizobia and plant roots and triggers earlier nodulation for maximum nitrogen fixation.

High Concentration
Higher rhizobia concentration delivers more bacteria per seed at lower application rates.

Enhanced Performance in Challenging Environments
Osmo Protector Technology results in tougher bacteria that enhances performance in the field under adverse conditions. This includes high temperatures, low water availability and chemical (seed treatment) stresses.

Longer Survival On-Seed
Osmo Protector Technology provides added protection for longer on-seed survival without requiring an extender. This allows growers much greater planting-window flexibility compared to other seed-applied liquid and peat inoculants.

All-in-One Liquid Formulation
The convenient all-in-one liquid formulation improves application accuracy versus peat formulations and eliminates the additional product handling and bridging concerns of granular products.






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Introducing Signum Soybean

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