BY Brava RR2

High Performance with Broad Adaptation
  • High yielding flint/dent ideal for silage and grazing
  • Widely adapted for use across Western Canada
  • White cob hybrid with excellent grain quality and slow drydown for wider harvest window

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Genetic Trait RoundUp Ready Corn 2
Relative Maturity 78
Grain CHU 2250
Silage CHU 2150
Spring Vigour Good
Plant Height Medium-tall
Stalk Strength Very Good
Root Strength Very Good
Drought Tolerance Very Good
Silage Potential Excellent
Ear Type Semi-flex
Husk Cover Good
Test Weight Excellent
Drydown Slow
Target Population 30-34k
Northern Corn Leaf Blight Good
Goss’s Wilt Good
Excellent (E) > Very Good (VG) > Good (G) > Poor (P)


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