BY Belmont RR2

Consistent High Performance
  • High-yielding hybrid well suited for silage and grazing in longer season areas
  • Excellent root and stalk strength
  • Broadly adapted to various soil types
  • Impressive disease tolerance, including very good resistance to Goss’s wilt

Genetic Trait RoundUp Ready Corn 2
Relative Maturity 83
Grain CHU 2450
Silage CHU 2350
Spring Vigour Very Good
Plant Height Medium
Stalk Strength Excellent
Root Strength Very Good
Drought Tolerance Very Good
Silage Potential Very Good
Ear Type Semi-flex
Husk Cover Good
Test Weight Good
Drydown Average
Target Population 30-34k
Northern Corn Leaf Blight Very Good
Goss’s Wilt Very Good

Excellent (E) > Very Good (VG) > Good (G) > Poor (P)


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