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BY Belmont RR2

Consistent High Performance

  • High-yielding hybrid well suited for silage and grazing in longer season areas
  • Excellent root and stalk strength
  • Broadly adapted to various soil types
  • Impressive disease tolerance, including very good resistance to Goss’s wilt
Roundup Ready Corn 2 – Colour

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Genetic TraitRoundup Ready Corn 2
Relative Maturity83
Grain CHU2450
Silage CHU2350
Spring VigourVery Good
Plant HeightMedium
Stalk StrengthExcellent
Root StrengthVery Good
Drought ToleranceVery Good
Silage PotentialVery Good
Ear TypeSemi-flex
Husk CoverGood
Test WeightGood
Target Population30 – 34K
Northern Corn Leaf BlightVery Good
Goss’s WiltVery Good
Excellent (E) > Very Good (VG) > Good (G) > Poor (P)

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