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Tripper Maxx

High Performance Annual Forage Mixture


Tripper Maxx is an elite forage blend of 50% Stockade Brand Peas and 50% Elevator Spring Triticale that delivers the benefits of a forage legume and cereal in one product. Its superior forage characteristics provide abundant yields and high-quality forage throughout the northern United States and Canada.


  • Superior forage yield
  • Excellent forage quality
  • Good nurse crop
  • Rapid establishment and forage production
  • Strong disease resistance

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Elevator Triticale

  • ​Semi-beardless triticale* increases palatability
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Superior standability

Stockade Brand Peas

  • Excellent spring vigor and high yield potential
  • Increased vine ratio delivers higher forage quality
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Small black seeded forage pea for higher populations


Variety Tripper Maxx
Use Silage, Greenfeed
Root Habit Mixture
Plant Type Cool Season Grass Legume Mixture
Preferred Growing Conditions Widely adapted
Production Period Summer (55-70 days to maturity)
  • The presence of beards in spring triticale can be problematic for palatability
Seeding Rate lb/acre 120-150


Environmental Tolerances
Winterhardiness Annual
Drought Tolerance Moderate
Flooding Tolerance Moderate
Optimum PH 6.0 – 7.5
Acidity Tolerance Moderate
Alkalinity Tolerance Moderate
Salinity Tolerance Moderate
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