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Mervana Italian Ryegrass

Tetraploid Italian ryegrass with excellent yield

Mervana can be seeded as a pure stand or under-seeded to a cover crop for late season production in higher moisture areas. As a certified Italian variety, it does not set seed in its first year of production, enhancing its palatability and overall forage quality. It is a fast growing, leafy, high quality annual grass delivering high yields and excellent forage quality. Mervana has shown vigorous establishment, rapid regrowth and excellent digestibility. Complimented by a strong disease package, Mervana has good resistance to mildew and rust. Recommended seeding rate is 15-25 lbs per acre.


  • Excellent Yield
  • Rust Resistance
  • Very Good Mildew Resistance
  • Excellent Establishment
  • Excellent Forage Quality

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