Launcher Soybean Liquid

Effective and Efficient Soybean Inoculant

Launcher Inoculants are an effective and efficient source of rhizobia for soybean growers to ensure effective biological nitrogen fixation for their crops.


Product Information
Formulation Liquid Suspension
Guaranteed Analysis Bradyrhizobium japonicum
4 x 109 CFU/ml
Crops Soybean
Application On-seed or In-Furrow
On-Seed Application Rate 130 ml per 100 kg
2 fl.oz. per 100 Ibs
In-Furrow Application Rate 5 ml per 100 m
0.5 fl. oz. /1000 ft
Package Size 11.84 L – treats 400 units (20,000 lbs)
1.18 L – treats 40 units (2,000 lbs)
On-Seed life Up To 4 Days






Higher rhizobia concentrations delivers more bacteria at lower application rates.

Launcher contains two unique rhizobia strains for effective biological fixaction of nitrogen.

The convenient all-in-one liquid formulation improves application accuracy versus peat formulation and eliminates the additional product handling and bridging concerns of granular products.






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Launcher Inoculant

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