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Reservoir Perennial Ryegrass

Tap Into Low-Water Use with Reservoir


Reservoir is qualified by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) as a low water use and conservation variety. It has a statistically proven ability to tolerate less water, drought stress, and recovers more quickly from drought than conventional perennial ryegrass varieties. Reservoir’s high endophyte content and strong disease package contribute to its reliable performance. It has shown good turf quality across various mowing heights and is a top performer for winter overseeding in the transition zone.


  • Low water use turf
  • Improved drought tolerance
  • Rapid drought recovery
  • Excellent traffic tolerance
  • Improved turf quality

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Reservoir Perennial Ryegrass


Characteristics & Adaptation
Variety Reservoir
Type Perennial Ryegrass
Wear Tolerance Excellent
Drought Tolerance Good
Salt Tolerance Low
High Endophyte Yes
Disease Resistance Very Good
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