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Reload Alfalfa

Reload Your Seed with Superior Tolerance to Disease and Saturated Soils


Reload is the newest generation of branch rooted alfalfa with improved tolerance to saturated soils. Selected for high genetic resistance against multiple strains of Aphanomyces Race 2, as well as other diseases and pests that are harmful to alfalfa. Its exceptional disease package supports a long and productive stand life.


  • Multiple strain resistance to Aphanomyces
  • High tolerance to saturated soils
  • Long and productive stand life
  • Broad adaptation to a range of conditions

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Branch Rooted Characteristics

The branch rooted trait delivers improved root protection and durability in the ground during periods of freezing and thawing. Branch rooting has also proven beneficial under wetter conditions, and improved tolerance to saturated soils. Reload is also well suited to normal, well-drained soils to produce optimal yields over the life of the stand.


UseHay & Pasture
Root HabitBranch
Special TraitsTolerance to saturated soils
Preferred Growing ConditionsWidely adapted to a range of growing conditions
Production PeriodSpring – Fall


Winter Survival and Adaption
Fall Dormancy4
Winter Survival1.7
Stand PersistenceExcellent


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