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Octane Alfalfa

High Octane Yield


Supercharge your hay production with Octane, the high forage yielding leader that consistently produces more dry matter and milk per acre. Its stability and persistence deliver high performance year after year.


  • Consistently high yield
  • Excellent persistence
  • Superior disease resistance

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Octane’s dense, dark green canopy and 60% multi-foliate expression is a standout in any field. Octane is selected for high forage dry matter yield, high forage milk per acre, high NDF and disease resistance.


Explosive Disease Resistance & Winterhardiness

Scoring a perfect 35/35 on the Disease Ratings Index (DRI), Octane is highly resistant to all diseases including Aphanomyces Races 1 & 2. Octane is a fall dormancy class 3 (FD 3) tap root, with exceptional winterhardiness that is comparable to creeping root alfalfa.


Root HabitTap Rooted
Plant TypeUpright
Preferred Growing ConditionsWidely adapted
Production PeriodSpring- Fall
  • Bloat hazard
  • Needs good drainage


Winter Survival and Adaption
Fall Dormancy3
Winter Survival1.4
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