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Cicer Milkvetch

Improved Seedling Vigour and Forage Production


  • Well suited for pasture production
  • Improved forage yield over Oxley by 19% in Western Forage Tests
  • Long-lived, rhizomatous, bloat free legume
  • Maintains nutritional quality through the growing season

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Variety AC Oxley II
Use Pasture
Root Habit Creeping Rooted
Plant Type Upright
Preferred Growing Conditions Widely adapted. Creeps best in coarser textured soils
Production Period Late Spring – Fall
Key Features
  • Widely adapted
  • Moderately tolerant to salinity
  • Ideal pasture legume
  • Bloat free legume
  • Difficult to establish
  • Hard seeds are slow to germinate
  • Seedlings grow much slower than other forage legumes
Approx. Seeds/lb 120,000
Seeding Rate lb/acre 12 – 18


Environmental Tolerances
Winter Hardiness Very High
Drought Tolerance Moderate to High
Flooding Tolerance Low
Acidity Tolerance Low to Moderate
Alkalinity Tolerance Moderate
Salinity Tolerance Low to Moderate
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