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Chlorothalonil 720F

Chlorothalonil 720F is the foundation to your disease control program. Economical, cost-effective, broad-spectrum disease control for grasses, and labeled trees, shrubs and flowers

Excellent tank mix partner with most other fungicides.

  • Contact mode-of-action for quick results.
  • Multi-site activity means no disease resistance with repeated use.
  • Labeled for use on grasses.
  • Labeled for use on ornamentals and trees.


Active Ingredients: Chlorothalonil

Package Size: 7L

PCP Number: 32030

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DiseaseRate (per 100 m2)Application Interval
Foliar Anthracnose66-132 ml7-14 days
Basal Rot Anthracnose66-132 ml7-14 days
Brown Patch66-132 ml7-14 days
Dollar Spot33-66ml7-14 days
Leaf Spot66-132 ml7-14 days
Pink Snow Mould167 mlOnce per season, in the fall
Grey Snow Mould167 mlOnce per season, in the fall
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