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BY 6211TF

A New Level of Pod Shatter Resistance with Blackleg DefendR Resistance

• BrettYoung’s premier variety with Pod DefendR® – a shatter reduction trait
• TruFlex™ canola hybrid equipped with the latest in herbicide trait technology
• DefendR-rated Blackleg resistance
• Medium-long maturity suitable for mid- and longseason zones


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BY 6211TF

BY 6211TF Characteristics
System TruFlex
Yield Potential 1
Blackleg R-AG
Major Gene ID Rlm3 RlmS
Relative Days to Maturity 88
Lodging Rating 2
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Performance in Trials

BY 6211 yield comparison chart

Estimated yield potential based on Canadian Registration Co-op trial and US University Trial results
Individual lot seed size information is printed on the canola bag tag
Maturity based on NDSU and private trial data converted to 90 DTM base
1st generation resistance means resistant to pathotypes 2F, 3H, 5I, 6M and 8N (these are equivalent to pathotypes 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 on the Williams’ differential set).
Ratings: 1 = Excellent, 2 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 4 = Fair
Disease Rating: R = Resistant, IT= Increased Tolerance vs susceptibale varieties

Base Seed Treatment Option 1:
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Base Seed Treatment Option 2:
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Blackleg DefendR Canola

The best line of defense against Blackleg lies in planting resistant hybrids.

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Pod DefendR

Our new pod shatter-resistance trait, which is non-GMO, delivers dependable levels of shattering toleranc

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    • BrettYoung’s premier hybrid with Pod DefendR – a shatter reduction trait
    • TruFlex canola hybrid equipped with the latest in herbicide trait technology
    • DefendR®-rated clubroot resistance
    • Medium-long maturity suitable for mid- and long-season zones
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