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Seed Treatments

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All BrettYoung canola varieties come treated with Helix® Saltro® or Prosper® EverGol® and BUTEOTM start as the base treatment. Additional seed treatment option is Recover® PO4

   Helix Saltro Logo Prosper EverGol Logo
BUTEO start logo
   Base TreatmentBase Treatment
BY 6217TF
BY 6214TF
BY 6211TF
BY 6207TF
BY 7102LL
6074 RR
BY 5125CL
BY 6207TF
BY 6204TF
6090 RR
6074 BR
6076 CR
BY 5125CL
BY 5105CL
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Canola protection — from the ground up

Helix® Saltro® offers the most comprehensive protection in a foundation seed treatment, guarding canola against flea beetles as well as seed- and airborne blackleg. Plus, Rooting Power® and Vigor Trigger™ benefits help your crop reach its maximum yield potential.