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$162,000 donated to Variety Manitoba in support of kids living with autism

Winnipeg, MB. – The Kali Dyck Foundation and Variety Manitoba announce generous donation supporting therapies and equipment needed for children living with autism

Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba has been meeting the needs of children living with special needs and their families since 1978. But they have seen a huge shift in the last few years, close to 1 in every 2 children they assist are living with autism.

A Winnipeg family who has first-hand experience with autism, is giving back to ensure children in the province of Manitoba gain access to therapies and equipment essential to their development.

Lloyd and Jackie Dyck, whose family owns BrettYoung Seeds, started the foundation in honor of their daughter Kali. Kali was a strong advocate for individuals living with developmental disabilities like her brother, Chad who lives with autism. 

They announce a $162,000 donation from the Kali Dyck Foundation to Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba. This donation will impact so many children and their families. The goal of this donation is to connect children living with autism to therapies such as speech and occupational therapy and equipment like communication devices soon after they receive a diagnosis.

“We know that early intervention is critical, unfortunately long waitlists and other challenges in the public system mean children living with autism aren’t gaining access to supports and families are struggling to get help for their child.” says Jeff Liba, CEO, Variety Manitoba. “Due to challenges in the public system families are turning to our organization for support and as a result requests to our Special Needs Program for children living with autism have tripled. We are extremely grateful to the Dyck family and the Kali Dyck Foundation for this generous donation.”

Erik Dyck, the Foundation’s director says “The goal is to continue investing in helping individuals living with autism and other developmental disabilities. Growing up my family had a hard time finding help and therapies for Chad, so making sure children on the autism spectrum have access to supports that will help them live the most fulfilling lives they can is very important to us.”

The family presented the cheque to Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba in June.

About the Kali Dyck Foundation

The Foundation was established in memory of Kali Dyck. Kali believed strongly in helping people that are disadvantaged, especially those impacted by mental disabilities. She was a fierce advocate for her autistic brother Chad, volunteered with many organizations that supported special needs and was working towards a career in the field. The Foundation endeavours to provide financial support to charities and organizations that support the ideals Kali personified.

About Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba

Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba steps in where government, healthcare, school divisions and other funding sources end to provide proven solutions to enrich the lives of children in Manitoba living with special needs and experiencing economic disadvantage.

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Jeff Liba
Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba
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Erik Dyck
Foundation Director
Kali Dyck Foundation
PO Box 99, St. Norbert Postal Stn.
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