TurfRx K+ Micro Crystal

TurfRx K+ Micro Crystal increases plant respiration

TurfRx K+ Micro Crystal is formulated to provide efficient potassium and phosphorus to the plant. TurfRx K+ Micro Crystal contains proprietary soluble carbon compounds that improve antioxidant production and increase plant respiration. Antioxidant production and increased plant respiration improves Abiotic Stress Defense.

Available Phosphate (P2O5)……31%
Soluble Potash (K2O)…………….50%


Use Rate (per ac) Application Interval
Heat Stress 2-6 lbs 1-4 weeks
Plant Nutrition 1-6 lbs 1-4 weeks
Color 1-4 lbs 1-4 weeks
Abiotic Stress Defense 2-6 lbs 1-4 weeks
Fall Hardening Off 3-6 lbs 1-4 weeks

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