Agrostis scabra, native
  • Short-lived, cool season perennial
  • Early season growth
  • Only palatable to livestock or wildlife early in the spring
  • Naturally revegetates sites too barren, rocky or infertile for more desirable species
  • Tolerates low pH and acidic soils
  • Leaves are rough with tiny hairs
  • Has the ability to establish on sites where few other species will grow, such as abandoned coal mines and soils polluted with sulphur, copper and nickel
  • Grows in meadows, open wood, abandoned fields, dry or open slopes and alluvial flats

Characteristics Table
Growth Habit Bunchgrass
Flood Tolerance Excellent
Drought Tolerance Good
Salt Tolerance Fair
Soil PH Acidic to Neutral
Soil Type Fine to Coarse
Approx. Seeds/lb 4,000,000
Canopy Mature Height 30-70 cm

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