Panicum virgatum, native
  • Warm season perennial
  • Hardy and deep-rooted
  • Very versatile and adaptable plant
  • Grows very tall
  • Biomass can be used for ethanol production
  • Valuable forage for both pasture and hay for cattle (can be toxic to horses, sheep and goats)
  • Grown to control soil erosion
  • Provides good habitat for game bird species
  • Can also be used for livestock bedding or mushroom compost
  • Easy to establish
  • Can be found on streambanks or in open woods

Characteristics Table
Growth Habit Rhizomatous
Flood Tolerance Good
Drought Tolerance Good
Salt Tolerance Good
Soil PH Acidic, Basic, Neutral
Soil Type Coarse to Moderately Fine
Approx. Seeds/lb 389,000
Canopy Mature Height Up to 2.5m

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