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Panicum virgatum, native

  • Warm season perennial
  • Hardy and deep-rooted
  • Very versatile and adaptable plant
  • Grows very tall
  • Biomass can be used for ethanol production
  • Valuable forage for both pasture and hay for cattle (can be toxic to horses, sheep and goats)
  • Grown to control soil erosion
  • Provides good habitat for game bird species
  • Can also be used for livestock bedding or mushroom compost
  • Easy to establish
  • Can be found on streambanks or in open woods

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Characteristics Table
Growth HabitRhizomatous
Flood ToleranceGood
Drought ToleranceGood
Salt ToleranceGood
Soil PHAcidic, Basic, Neutral
Soil TypeCoarse to Moderately Fine
Approx. Seeds/lb389,000
Canopy Mature HeightUp to 2.5m

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