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Sprint Maxx

High Performance Annual Forage Mixture

Sprint Maxx is a forage blend of 50% Haywire Oats and 50% Stockade Brand Peas delivering the benefits of a forage legume and cereal in one product.


Haywire Brand Oats

  • Superior forage yield and excellent standability
  • High protein content
  • Large palatable leaves

Stockade Brand Peas

  • Excellent spring vigor and high yield potential
  • Increased vine delivers higher forage quality
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Small black seeded forage pea for higher populations

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VarietySprint Maxx
UseSilage, Greenfeed
Root HabitMixture
Plant TypeCool Season Grass Legume Mixture
Preferred Growing ConditionsWidely adapted
Production PeriodSummer
Key Features
  • Good nurse crop
  • Good quality
Seeding Rate lb/acre120-150


Environmental Tolerances
Drought ToleranceModerate
Flooding ToleranceModerate
Optimum PH6.0 – 7.5
Acidity ToleranceModerate
Alkalinity ToleranceModerate
Salinity ToleranceModerate
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