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Spike Trisetum

Trisetum spicatum, native

  • Long-lived, cool season perennial
  • Densely tufted
  • Spike-like seed head that turns brownish-green to purple-tinged
  • Mature plants are taller at lower elevations and shorter at higher elevations
  • Decent forage value for deer and goats but produces low volume of leaf material
  • Resistant to moderate grazing and trampling
  • Pioneer species in disturbed areas and along trails
  • Extremely cold and fire tolerant
  • Found throughout Canada and the Northern United States
  • Grows in open woods or on open rocky, often calcareous alpine slopes
  • Likes Arctic and alpine habitats and mountainous habitats in areas farther south

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Characteristics Table
Growth Habit Bunchgrass
Flood Tolerance Excellent
Drought Tolerance Good
Salt Tolerance Fair
Soil PH Neutral to Acidic
Soil Type Moderately Coarse to Medium
Approx. Seeds/lb 2,500,000
Canopy Mature Height 10-50 cm

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