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Sheep Fescue

Festuca ovina, introduced

  • Excellent cold tolerance
  • Moderate shade tolerance
  • More drought tolerant than hard fescue and Idaho fescue
  • Primary use is for ground cover and erosion control
  • Commonly planted to protect roadsides, ditches, clear-cuts, shelterbelts, ski hills and other recreational areas
  • Can withstand moderate equipment traffic
  • Low maintenance
  • More shade tolerant than hard fescue
  • Non-invasive
  • Blue-green colour
  • Native to Europe

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Characteristics Table
Growth Habit Bunchgrass
Flood Tolerance Poor
Drought Tolerance Excellent
Salt Tolerance Poor
Soil PH Neutral to Acidic
Soil Type Coarse to Moderately Fine
Approx. Seeds/lb 680,000
Canopy Mature Height 15-30 cm

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