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  • Forage yields that are 80-90% of alfalfa
  • Deep, branched taproot
  • Bloat free legume that has bloat reducing properties
  • Good longevity under optimal growing and management conditions
  • Good leaf retention and frost tolerance


Variety Sainfoin
Use Pasture
Root Habit Tap Rooted
Plant Type Upright
Preferred Growing Conditions Widely adapted; sensitive to flooding preferring well drained soils
Production Period Spring – Summer
  • Difficult to establish
  • Large seed size that must be seeded shallow
  • Slow to establish
Approx. Seeds/lb 25,000
Seeding Rate lb/a25e 25-40


Environmental Tolerances
Winterhardiness Good
Drought Tolerance Good
Flooding Tolerance Low
Acidity Tolerance Low
Alkalinity Tolerance Good
Salinity Tolerance Low
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