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Prairie Junegrass

Koeleria macrantha, native

  • Found in grasslands and forest openings in the northern boreal forest
  • Prevalent on light calcareous soils
  • Grows on rangeland meadows, plains, mountain foothills and open forestlands
  • Small, densely tufted
  • Blue-green in colour
  • Seldom grows in dense stands
  • Highly palatable in spring but rarely grazed in the summer
  • Cold, heat and drought tolerant
  • Good fire tolerance
  • Seedlings are slow to establish and are not vigorous

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Characteristics Table
Growth Habit Bunchgrass
Flood Tolerance Fair
Drought Tolerance Excellent
Salt Tolerance Fair
Soil PH Neutral
Soil Type Coarse to Medium
Approx. Seeds/lb 2,300,000
Canopy Mature Height 10-60 cm


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