Trillion® turf herbicide delivers the hard-hitting answer to tough turf weeds including dandelion, chickweed, plantain and creeping Charlie

The familiar Group 4 formulation provides the performance and price you need in easy-to-handle jugs or special order totes.


Active Ingredients: 2,4-D (31.0%), Mecoprop-p (17.0%), Dicamba (4.0%)

Package Size: 2x10L

PCP Number:27972


Weeds Control/Suppression
Bedstraw Control
Black medic (yellow clover) Control
Buttercup Control
Chickweed (common) Control
Clover Control
Dandelion Control
Devil’s paint brush Control
English daisy Control
Ground Daisy Control
Ground ivy (creeping Charlie, knotweed) Control
Heal all Control
Plantain (common) Control
Poison ivy Control
Ragweed Control
Shepherd’s-purse Control
White Clover Control

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