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Maxtima fungicide is a cutting-edge new DMI that can safely and affordably be sprayed at any temperature, on any turf variety

Powered by Revysol®, an innovative new active ingredient, Maxtima® fungicide is the advanced turf-safe DMI that can be sprayed anywhere on your course for broad-spectrum disease control.

  • Advanced turfgrass safety on any turf, in any season
  • Unique, new binding activity to control biotypes that may have developed resistance to other demethylase inhibitor (DMI) fungicides
  • Powerful residual for long-lasting control of turf diseases
  • New rotation partner on greens, tees and fairways

Active Ingredients: Mefentrifluconazole – Group 3

Package Size: 2 x 3.16L

PCP Number: 33406


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DiseaseRate (per 100 m2)Application Interval
Foliar Anthracnose6.25 ml14-21 days
Basal Rot Anthracnose6.25 ml14-21 days
Brown Patch25 ml14 days
Dollar Spot6.25 ml14-28 days
Microdochium Patch12.5-25 ml1 app prior to snow cover
Take All Patch12.5 ml28 days
Pink Snow Mould12.5-25 ml1 app prior to snow cover
Grey Snow Mould12.5-25 ml1 app prior to snow cover
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