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Infiltrate-K 0-0-29 is a potassium acetate liquid that rapidly enters the foliar tissue.

Due to its low burn potential, rapid leaf absorption, high potassium plant uptake and slow drying characteristics, applications of Infiltrate-K result in safer foliar applications and less stress on the plant.

The plant absorbs potassium from Infiltrate-K in much higher proportions than all other potassium sources due to its unique composition with acetates. Acetates, a component of the TCA cycle, have complexing qualities that help stabilize other nutrients with its buffering capacity. Acetates resemble organic acids that release nutrients which may be unavailable.

Soluble Potash (K­2O)…………………………….. 29.00%


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Use Rate (per 1000 ft2) Application Interval
Greens, Tees & Fine Turf 2-8 oz 2 weeks
Fairways, Roughs, Sports Turf & Lawns 6-10 oz 2-4 weeks
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