Honor fungicide by BASF is a multi-mode-of-action fungicide that controls key turf diseases while providing Intrinsic® plant health benefits.

Up to 28 days of control for more than 20 turf diseases, including summer patch, anthracnose and dollar spot

Multiple-mode-of-action control of dollar spot

Unique Intrinsic plant health benefits help mitigate environmental and mechanical stress

Honor contains both Group 7 and 11 fungicide active ingredients.

Formulated as a dry granule, Honor dissolves into solution quickly and easily.

Honor binds tightly to the waxy cuticle of turf and translocates quickly into the plant resulting in rapid rainfastness.

Honor protects against disease by disrupting the fungal cells’ ability to produce energy, stopping spore germination and fungal growth.

Translaminar and locally-systemic, Honor protects the entire leaf surface.

Active Ingredients: Pyraclostrobin – Group 11, Boscalid – Group 7

Package Size: 1.42 kg water-dispersible granules

PCP Number: 32329


Honor™ - BrettYoung

Diseases Controlled
Disease Rate (per 100 m²) Application Interval
Foliar Anthracnose 18.3 – 33.3 gm 14 – 28 days
Basal Rot Anthracnose 18.3 – 33.3 gm 14 – 28 days
Brown Patch 16.7 – 29.8 gm 14 – 28 days
Dollar Spot 20 – 35 gm 14 – 28 days
Microdichium Patch 29.8 gm Single
Leaf Spot 18.3 gm 14 days
Pythium Blight 26.8 gm 14 days
Pythium Root Rot 33.3 gm 14 days
Summer Patch 16.8 – 33.6 gm 14 – 28 days
Take-All Patch 33.3 gm 28 days
Pink Snow Mould 29.8 gm Single
Grey Snow Mould 20.2 gm Single


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