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Exteris™ Stressgard®

Exteris™ Stressgard® combines trifloxystrobin and fluopyram to provide preventative and curative control of foliar turf diseases including dollar spot, brown patch, gray leaf spot and Microdochium patch.

Exteris™ Stressgard®’s unique formulation delivers enhanced plant health benefits along with improved turf quality. The flexibility of Exteris Stressgard allows for applications throughout the year and under a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Active Ingredients: Fluopyram, Trifloxystrobin

Package Size:1L

PCP Number: 32206


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Disease Rate (per 100 m2) Application Interval
Brown Patch 140-200 ml 14-21 days
Dollar Spot 140-200 ml 14-21 days (greens and tees) 21-28 (fairways)
Leaf Spot 140-200 ml 14-21 days


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