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Carlton Smooth Bromegrass


  • High forage and seed yield
  • Leafy, deep rooted, sod forming perennial
  • Produces more tonnage, but slower regrowth than meadow brome
  • Excellent winterhardiness bred for Canadian conditions


UseHay & Pasture
Root HabitAggressive Sod Forming
Plant TypeElongating
Preferred Growing ConditionsWidely adapted
Production PeriodMid Spring – Mid Summer
Key Features
  • Excellent winterhardiness aggressive sod forming roots
  • Slow regrowth
  • Widely adapted
  • Exhibits disease resistance
  • Low production under drier conditions
Approx. Seeds/lb142,000
Seeding Rate lb/acre12-16


Environmental Tolerances
Winter HardinessExcellent
Drought ToleranceModerate to High
Flooding ToleranceModerate
Optimum PH6.0 – 7.5
Acidity ToleranceModerate
Alkalinity ToleranceModerate
Salinity ToleranceLow to Moderate
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