Awned Wheatgrass

Elymus trachycaulus ssp. subsecundus, native
  • Short-lived, cool season perennial
  • Similar to slender wheatgrass but with longer awns and shorter plant
  • Pale green to blue-green leaves
  • Good forage value, with high protein content in spring
  • Makes poor quality hay due to coarseness of stems
  • Provides cover for nesting birds and other wildlife
  • Heavily grazed by elk in the fall
  • Will grow in woodland openings up to the tree line in the boreal forest region

Characteristics Table
Growth Habit Bunchgrass
Flood Tolerance Good
Drought Tolerance Good
Salt Tolerance Good
Soil PH Saline to Alkaline
Soil Type Medium
Approx. Seeds/lb 112,000
Canopy Mature Height  50-100 cm

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