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We are a full-service forage seed supplier – but our business is really about growing yours.

Our team brings a personal touch to all that we do. Elite genetics and a carefully-protected production process guarantees only the most in-demand characteristics and highest-quality seeds make it into our bag.

Whether you are looking for market-leading alfalfa, clover or grass varieties, our extensive portfolio has got you covered. Get it coated, bagged, tagged and shipped the way you want it, when you need it.

Our line-up of low-to-mid dormancy alfalfas have been carefully selected to meet the needs of discerning growers. With a commitment to market-leading yield, improved quality, as well as multiple disease and pest resistances, our alfalfas will meet your customer’s needs and exceed expectations.   You can rest assured that our carefully-protected production process guarantees only the highest-quality seeds make it into our bag.

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Clovers are fast growing biennials or short-lived perennials. They are a popular legume known for their high-quality protein and digestibility. Clovers are quick to establish and can provide complimentary forage availability when grasses are less productive. Primary uses include hay, silage and soil improvement – due in part to an ability to grow in a great range of soils, climates and fix nitrogen.

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Some Legumes are a great option for pastures as they can be profitable, productive and persistent – while offering non-bloat certainty that provides piece of mind for livestock safety. Our line-up of non-bloat legumes includes Leo Birdsfoot Trefoil, Sainfoin and AC Oxley II Cicer Milkvetch.

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Improved grass varieties are an important component in most hay and pasture stands. A well-adapted grass variety will add to the yield, quality and timing of forage production.

Our broad access to genetics and carefully-protected production process guarantees only the most in-demand characteristics and highest-quality seeds make it into our bag.  Whether you are looking for high productivity, improved quality, multiple pest and disease resistances, we have your solution.

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Annual forages provide quick establishment, soil improvement properties and high biomass yield over the course of one growing season. Annual production increases flexibility due to the short-term nature of the stand and can provide a compliment to perennial forages to extend the duration and quality of forage availability.

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BrettYoung has carefully crafted it’s stock blends to provide a high level of productivity over a wide range of environments and uses in Western Canada. Not sure what Stock Blend is best suited to your soil, environment and management system. Follow our selector below to find a forage product tailored to your farm.

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