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Innovative Biologicals for North American Farmers

Rizobacter is an Argentine company founded over 40 years ago. It is a world-leading agricultural microbiology company that investigates, improves and commercializes innovative solutions for the development of crops around the world.

Rizobacter at a Glance

  • Rizobacter is uniquely focused on biological products and their commitment to research means groundbreaking products that consistently increase crop productivity
  • Rizobacter technologies increase rhizobia inoculant efficacy and stress tolerance through unique manufacturing processes
  • Products come in convenient, all-in-one formulations, eliminating the time-consuming process of mixing multiple components

Supported by an Innovative Partnership

BrettYoung and Rizobacter working together means new, class-leading inoculant products are now available to growers in Western Canada and the U.S. Northern Plains states, backed by BrettYoung service and support.